March 2018

T dap booster letters were sent home to all 5th grade students. The booster vaccine is required by VA for 6th grade entrance. Please send record of immunization to your school nurse. Please meet requirement by July 16, 2018 so there is no delay in receiving 6th grade schedule.


 I am in the clinic daily from 8:15 a.m- 2:15 p.m. to care for your children. Please let me know of any health conditions or special concerns for your children. 

Jaime Holofchak, RN

 Friendly reminder- Students are not to carry their own cough drops. They should be brought in original bag with a medication administration form completed by parent. This policy is for your child's safety.

Is my child too ill to attend school?

Parents are often confronted with this decision when their child complains of not feeling well. The guidelines shown below may be helpful. It will not cover every medical condition and does not take the place of seeking medical attention. Please consult your doctor for specific medical advice.

Fever - 100 degrees or higher - A fever is a sign of illness. A child with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher should not attend school. The child should be free of fever for 24 hours before returning to school.

Sore Throat/Colds/Cough - Minor cold symptoms are common and usually don't interfere with school attendance. A persistent, frequent cough and/or constant nasal drainage may affect your child's performance at school, and he/she may be more comfortable at home.

Rash - A rash may cover the entire body or only one area. A child that has a rash that is draining, has open areas or is causing the child to itch excessively should not attend school. A rash accompanied with other symptoms such as: a fever, sore throat, irritability, vomiting, etc. should not attend school.

Vomiting/Diarrhea - A child who has vomited should wait 24 hours and be able to retain solid foods before returning to school. A child who is having frequent diarrhea stools should not attend school. If there is cramping/abdominal pain with diarrhea, the student may be more comfortable at home.

Phone: 540-586-9210
Fax: 540-586-7635

FYI:  The Commonwealth of Virginia School Entrance Health Form (previously provided in printed form) will only be available electronically beginning January 1, 2014.  Here is the link to print out this form.



 *Parents:  If you need to medicate your child during the school day, please inform the nurse!  Also, you must administer the medication in the clinic area!  Thank you for your cooperation.


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